Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Frog: Stories from the Frog Star Teachers

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Stories from the Frog Star Teachers

Education in Malaysia is quickly moving to greater heights with the Frog VLE. As we spread the good news about Frog and how it enhances the teaching and learning experience for teachers, students, and even parents, we are constantly inspired by the many individuals we meet along the way. 

These outstanding individuals include teachers who come from all across the nation and who share one thing in common - the desire to bring the best education to the next generation of Malaysia. We call themFrog Stars

At FrogAsia, we believe in the sharing of stories, resources, and experiences, to inspire and encourage others along their teaching and learning journey. 

To begin, here are the first few stories of teachers from our six pilot schools: SMK Assunta, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, SMK Bandar Utama 4, SK Sri Petaling, SJK (C) Jalan Davidson, and SK Putra Perdana.

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